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Enhancing family wellness through parallel parent-child mindfulness intervention in migrant communities:
A pilot study

A University of Hong Kong Knowledge Exchange Impact Project, this project aims to improve parent and child emotional regulation and enhance migrant family wellness, through community-based mindfulness intervention for migrant parents and children in Shenzhen, China.

Collaborating with the Dili Social Work Service Center (Shenzhen), this project also trains community organizations to provide evidence-based intervention services for migrant families who experience high stress and parenting challenges.


Amidst Covid-19 travel restrictions, weekly 2-hour Zoom sessions (for parents) and 20-minute cartoon series (for children) are offered over 8 weeks.

To watch our Mindful Families cartoon series, please click HERE

mindful parenting training

Introducing mindfulness and

mindful parenting

parental lying down yoga

Lying down yoga


Emotional awareness drawing exercise

family yoga

Parent-child yoga practice

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