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Mindful Families: Child Practice Videos

These 13 practice videos are part of the Mindful Families video series produced by the Youth Well-being Lab, which is part of the “Enhancing Family Wellness through Parallel Parent-Child Mindfulness Intervention in Migrant Communities” project. 


The project is funded by the University of Hong Kong Knowledge Exchange (KE) Impact Project.

Mindful Sitting

This 3-minute video introduces what mindfulness is and a brief introductory mindful sitting exercise.

Mindful Listening

This 6-minute video introduces a brief mindful listening exercise, with a focus on the sounds in our surrounding environments and our body reactions.

Observe Your Breathing

This 2-minute video focuses on the importance of breathing in mindfulness practices and introduces how to observe our breaths.

Breathing Space and "Door" Imagination

This video introduces the “fight-flight-freeze modes” when we are under stress and includes a 5-minute breathing space and door imagination exercise to help us handle stress better.

Let's Breathe Together!

This video introduces the importance of breathing in our daily lives and includes a 2-minute introductory breathing exercise.

My Parent(s) and Me

This 10-minute video discusses how to mindfully observe ourselves and our parent(s) during conflicts.

Perspective-taking Exercise

This 7-minute video introduces how to mindfully observe ourselves and empathize with others when we have conflicts or unpleasant events.

Love and Boundaries

This 5-minute video discusses the importance of attending to our own needs and being compassionate and kind to ourselves, including a 1.5-minute brief meditation exercise.

Gratitude Exercise

This 2-minute meditation helps us notice people and things for who and which we are thankful.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This 9-minute video guides us to develop kindness and compassion for all beings in the world.

Standing Yoga

This 13-minute exercise introduces a series of standing yoga poses: Tadasana (mountain pose), Utthita hasta in Tadasana (extended mountain pose), Uttanasana (standing forward bend), Utkatasana (chair pose), etc.

What Have We Learned?

This 4-minute meditation guides us through this video series, including briefly reviewing previous exercises and noticing changes in ourselves.

Wish-box Meditation

This 4-minute video concludes our mindfulness exercise series, including a guided meditation that encourages future growth in ourselves and others.

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