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Mindful Families Video Series

The mindful families video series (8 sessions for children), produced by the Youth Well-being Lab, is part of the “Enhancing Family Wellness through Parallel Parent-Child Mindfulness Intervention in Migrant Communities” project.


The project is funded by the University of Hong Kong Knowledge Exchange (KE) Impact Project Funding Scheme. Through community-based mindfulness group intervention among migrant parents and their children in Shenzhen, China, this project aims to improve parent and child emotional and behavioral regulation and enhance migrant family wellness.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? This session introduces some tips in starting mindfulness exercises (including mindful posture, mindful listening, and breathing exercise).

Lesson 2: If you are an alien

How to observe ourselves and our surroundings from a new perspective? Through mindful eating exercises, we will learn the “beginner mentality” and how to be more aware of our emotions through drawing happy and unhappy situations.

Lesson 3: How are you, body?

What is our body telling us? Using the 3-minute breathing exercise, we can get out of the “automatic response mode,” learn to recognize our emotions, and observe different parts of our body through a body scan.

Lesson 4: Being friends with stress

How can we get along with the stress in daily life? Through breathing exercises and a “door” imagination exercise, we become more aware of our stress with acceptance, while a standing yoga exercise helps relax our body.

Lesson 5: My parents and me

We have happy moments with our parents, but sometimes we also have conflicts. In this lesson, we use mindful observation to re-examine the relationship with our parents and use mindful walking to regulate our emotions.

Lesson 6: Dealing with conflicts: Thinking from the other side

How can we solve interpersonal conflicts? We can use a mindfulness approach to think from others’ perspective and resolve conflicts more effectively (including perspective-taking exercises, mindful walking, and mindful music meditation).

Lesson 7: Love and boundary

Where are our physical and psychological boundaries? Through a loving kindness meditation, we can learn to treat people around us with a grateful heart.

Lesson 8: Our achievements, moving forward

What have we learned in the previous sessions? How to continue our own mindfulness practice in the future?

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